April 2011

The knitting needles made a slight clicking sound as a I moved from one stitch to the next. The woman sitting next to me looked up from her SkyMall magazine and said, “I love that light clicking sound. What are you making?”

I looked over with a big smile and said, “A baby blanket for my friend.”

“That’s great! I love knitting gifts for friends and I especially love knitting on airplanes. I find it calming. Plus, it’s so much better to make something by hand instead of buying something out of this.”

The woman pointed to the Sky Mall magazine and rolled her eyes. We both chuckled and went back to our respective tasks; I started knitting again and she paged through the magazine.

This quick exchange made me think why I started knitting in the first place. About four years ago we were living in Davis, California and I was looking for a hobby; something, fun, easy and relaxing. A few work colleagues recommended that I learn how to knit. They promised me the experience wouldn’t be frustrating and that it would help me de-stress. I never considered myself to be “crafty,” so I avoided the knitting store for a number of months.

One day, I was wandering through Boarders Books and stumbled across “Stitch n’ Bitch.” I flipped through the book and thought to myself, “Hmmm knitting doesn’t look too hard. I could see myself making a basic hat or scarf. Maybe me co-workers were right?” Later that day, I wandered over to the local knitting store and signed up for a beginners class.

For me, knitting is a good time to reflect on life lessons and I wanted to share some of those lessons with you. Before we get going, find a piece of paper or open up a text edit program. I’ve included micro-actions throughout this post. As you’re reading along, write down your thoughts and ideas. [click to continue…]

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