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Simple Living News Update + A Video Message

Every Friday, I post a Simple Living News Update that includes links to some of my favorite articles of the week; along with an inspiring quote from each piece.

In addition to the news update, I’m answering a reader question every week. In the following two minute video I talk about why digital sabbaticals are so important.

For those who can’t watch the video, read these posts: Everything You Need to Know About a Digital Sabbatical and A Magical Block of Time: Lessons Learned from my Digital Sabbatical.

Now onto the update . . .

Simplicity Is Not Easy

“It really all boils down to this: Complexity can’t be escaped. Humans are complex creatures. Nature is complex, life is complex. But it doesn’t mean chaos, and it doesn’t have to stop you.”

A Call for Change… Make 2011 the Year of Less

“It is time to make your Declaration of Independence from the consumer-driven, workaholic culture and join the movement to make 2011 the year of less.”

A Zero Waste Home, Why Do We Criticize?

“I have made measurable progress in decluttering my home over the past few years, although it can be hard to see sometimes. I will never attain simplicity in its purest form. But then again, that would bore me.”

Focus: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of True Immersion in LIfe, Work and Play

“Empty your mind and illuminate your inner focused ninja.”

Rockin’ Interviews

  • I was recently interviewed, by Peep over at Traindom.com, about pursuing dreams, minimalism, and starting a small business. Check it out if you have a chance!

Cool Stuff

Simple Living Resources

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