December 2010

Do you try to fill every waking moment with work, hobbies, or travel? Or do you take time out of your day to simply sit still? Or idly chat with your partner, friends, or neighbors?

I’m guilty of trying to constantly fill every waking moment with things to do. That’s why I’ve begun taking a weekly digital sabbatical. I love working for myself. However, I’ve realized that I don’t have to be plugged-in all the time to be “productive.”

The more I learn and read, the more I realize the act of living simply is a creative process. And by living simply, I can actively practice leisure.

Developing a leisure ethic is not about laziness. It’s about slowing down and taking the time to really think about what it means to live a good life, maintain healthy relationships, and how you can nourish creativity.

At it’s core, crafting a simple, minimalist lifestyle is about creating more time for yourself, friends, family, and community. Decuttering is a great start. But I don’t think you can make any serious life changes, until you actually reflect on where your life is going.

You need leisure time to reflect and to ask yourself big questions, like: [click to continue…]

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