October 2010

Recently, I’ve received a lot of questions from the media, readers, and friends about how we handle Christmas and other gift giving holidays. I have to admit I’m a little surprised by all the questions, since it’s only mid-October! So I decided to compile some of these questions into a blog post.

I hope this helps you out! If you have additional questions, please leave them in the comments section. :)


Reader: What does Christmas mean to you?

Tammy: For me Christmas is about spending time with family, eating good food, taking long walks, and unplugging from Internet. I’m not religious; at least not religious in the traditional sense. I don’t think I have to go to a church to develop a relationship with the divine. That can be done through meditation, yoga, and being in nature. With that being said, we don’t go to church on Christmas. We focus on spending time with family and friends.

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