June 2010

Editors note: This is a guest post from Katie Tallo of Momentum Gathering.

I don’t consider myself a minimalist. I own way more than 50 things. I drive a car. I have a swimming pool. I don’t grow my own vegetables. So what am I doing hanging out with Tammy?

Simply put, she knows her shit. I’ve learned a lot from this Rowdy Kitten. She’s opened my eyes to the fact that I can’t ignore certain moral imperatives any longer. I can either plead ignorance, feign innocence, cuddle up to indifference, or I can evolve. I choose to evolve.

I’m ready to step up and step outside my comfort zone. I’m ready to stop whining and start caring more. I’m ready to stop making excuses, stop passing the buck, and stop consuming whatever the f#*k I want, like a spoiled child. I’m ready to start taking responsibility and start participating in my world actively, consciously, and immediately.

That’s right. I am a minimalist-in-the-making. I may not have it all figured out and maybe I never will, but I know that it starts with simplicity. I blog about momentum and the more I sift through its meaning, the more I realize that momentum is all about embracing simplicity. In fact, I’ve discovered that momentum thrives on simple actions. But, how does a minimalist-in-the-making begin?

How do I get my minimalist groove on?

Here are 10 things I already do and can build upon:

  1. Drive a compact car.
  2. Walk daily down to the local, organic market to buy my groceries.
  3. Don’t eat meat, milk or eggs and very little cheese.
  4. Use my green, blue and black bins to recycle.
  5. Use salt in my pool.
  6. Spend weekends in the backyard instead of cottage commuting.
  7. Don’t take planes very often.
  8. Use vinegar to clean.
  9. Avoid malls, especially at Christmas.
  10. Work mostly from home. [click to continue…]

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