March 2010

self portraitEver since I left my day job at the end of January the traffic and subscribers on RowdyKittens has doubled. I went from about 500 subscribers at the end of January to over 1,300! Thank you to all the new and long-time RowdyReaders. Thank you for participating in this community and being open to new perspectives. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the recent success.

Now you’re probably wondering how this is correlated to saying “no.” With the increase in traffic, I’ve received an incredible amount of email requests. I respond to each email. But I’m learning that at some point I have to say “no”. It’s impossible to be part of every group, write for 10 different blogs or go to a social event every night.

Living a simple lifestyle means limiting my commitments and being aware of how I spend my time. Having focus and prioritizing ensures that I’m pumped about each new project or activity I take on. I want to be effective and consistently produce quality work. Saving no to an activity or project might disappoint people momentarily but in the long term, learning how to say no is an important skill that demonstrates integrity.

How do you say “no” gracefully? [click to continue…]

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